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Herbert Schulz herbs at wideopenwest.com
Sun Jan 15 20:59:27 EST 2012

On Jan 15, 2012, at 1:26 PM, Nitecki, Zbigniew H. wrote:

> What happened to the old "Save as…" feature on TeXShop?  I found it very useful when, for example, creating a template for documents that get repeated (in my case, e.g., homework assignments, or homework solutions) or for creating reformatted versions of older documents (e.g., changing the .tex file for generating a section of a solution manual into the .tex file for a handout about one assignment): I would make up a template then save it as whatever I currently needed.  With the new TeXShop editor, this is no longer available (command-S now gets the bell saying "no such command, stupid!").  If I duplicate (using the file pulldown menu), I get a .txt file, which is missing the various color codes in the TeX editor, and furthermore has none of the buttons at the top of the window.
> Of course I can use command-A to select all and then command-C to copy into an empty new file, but this takes more work.  I've looked into TeX help and can't find anything to help me with this.
> Suggestions?


TeXShop 3.0x (you should pick up the experimental 3.06 which has multiple bug fixes) uses Lion's new auto-save and backup feature and there is no more Save As… (take a look at TextEdit and you'll see the same thing). I use Duplicate. I've assigned Shift-Cmd-S [the old Save As… shortcut] to Duplicate in System Preferences->Keyboard->Keyboard Shortcuts by choosing Application Shortcuts; adding a shortcut; choosing TeXShop as the Application, Duplicate as the Menu Command and pressing Shift-Cmd-S. Right now you've got to explicitly add the .tex extension to the file name or choose TeX Document for the File Format; hopefully that will change with the next update.

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Herb Schulz
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