[OS X TeX] pretest and xdvi

Richard Koch koch at uoregon.edu
Tue May 17 11:55:50 EDT 2016

Tom and others,

Here is an experiment which suggests to me that the bug with xdvi and ghostscript
is actually an xdvi bug.

If I start a viewing session via

	xdvi -fullscreen MyFile.dvi

then I get a very large window, but the pdf is confined to a rectangle in the upper
left portion with “standard size.” But now I can scroll through the entire document,
pushing SPACE to go from page to page, and all pages and eps illustrations display properly.

Moreover, I can press the ZOOM button and zoom to a larger size. This works fine
and all the illustrations still display correctly.


On the other hand, if I just start the viewing session with

	xdvi MyFile.dvi

then the “enclosing window” is the same size as the original size of
a page. Then the eps bug occurs. If I now use ZOOM, the size of the
dvi display gets larger, and is cut off at the bottom and right. But I can then
resize the enclosing window in the standard Mac manner to display everything. 
HOWEVER, now the eps graphics
problem still occurs after zooming.


ontrary to my original conjecture, I now believe this is a problem
with xdvi (and possibly XQuartz).

I cannot find any recent bug fixes or reports for xdvi, but maybe I don’t know where to

Dick Koch

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