[OS X TeX] how install temporary, test version of a TeXLive file?

jfbu jfbu at free.fr
Wed Oct 2 17:29:42 EDT 2019

Hi Murray,

Le 02/10/2019 à 21:17, Murray Eisenberg a écrit :
> To see if an incompatibility between babel and another LaTeX package has been eliminated in the latest, unstable, build of babel, the babel maintainer suggests I try this latest version.
> How do I do that from the downloaded .dtx and .ins — WITHOUT overwriting the babel files currently in the TeXLive texmf tree and yet so that latex will be able to use this latest version?
> If I simply cd to the folder holding babel.dtx and babel.ins and run latex babel.ins, immediately I get a request to overwrite a file in the previously-installed texmf tree.
> What I want to do, if it will work, is put all the files needed in the same folder as my source document, so that I can test whether the incompatibility has bee cured.

I know this will not be of any help to you but I too was interested in
trying out the babel from github repo.

I was confronted with same problem as you which I attempted
to solve via editing by hand the ins file.

But even after having done that I ended up with  a babel.sty (the only
file I was interested in), which was unusable for me from containing
Lua code

I believe build is supposed to use lua, there is a build.lua script.

In the end I simply "git diff" with the 3.44 version to identify
the change I was interested in in file babel.dtx, and I copied pasted directly
into a local copy of current babel.sty in my working repertory
the relevant modification.

I could then test succesfully the fix to the issue I was interested in

(I think this is #30 in github repo, but it was closed without
linking to the actual commit solving it ; not that that was
a big riddle to solve as it was naturally the latest commit as of
today in the repo :) )

I know it does not help...



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