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Am 22-12-02 um 03.09 schrieb Murray Eisenberg <murrayeisenberg at gmail.com>:
> After typesetting the doc.tex source, at the bottom of the TextMate Window menu I just see an item
> 	Typesetting “doc.tex”…
> but nothing to open the log window. (The ellipsis in the menu entry suggested clicking on the entry, but that seems to do nothing.)

Clicking on that should bring the log window to the foreground.

> The only windows I see are the .tex source and the generated .pdf.

At the bottom of the Preferences –> Projects menu there is a popup titled “Show command output”.  If that does not display “New window” you will get the log in a pane of the source window (and no Windows menu entry).

If it's not that, then I've officially run out of ideas here.

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