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I copied your tex file and ran it with the following results:

Looking at the log, I realized that my TeXLive had not been updated for six years.  So I went ahead and updated (meaning I downloaded and installed the latest MacTex) and went back to my book project, commented out all references to draftwatermark, and re-compiled the book project.

That proved to be a catastrophic mistake.  The output was the first 13 pages out of 588.  Looking at the console, the errors all seem to involve the code for basic applications, like PSTricks, which I have no idea how to enter and/or fix.  Here are the log, the output, and the tex “master file” that calls everything else.  Any idea how I can even begin to troubleshoot?  At this point I at TRULY DESPERATE for help.

My macbook pro is running macOS 12.6.5 Monterey, TeXShop is version 5.12, and TeXLive Utility is version 1.54.  So everything is up to date, I think.
(In TeXLive>Updates there is a very long list of  packages, almost all listed as “update available”.  How does one perform an update—can it done for all of them at once?

Zbigniew Nitecki
Department of Mathematics
Tufts University
Medford, MA 02155

Dept.    (617)627-3234
Dept. fax    (617)627-3966


It looks like the problem is in Inequalities.tex around line 35. Is there a pspicture in that area of that file?

To do the full update (yes, there have been many updates to TeX Live since the introduction earlier this year) Open TeX Live Utility (TLU). When you see the list of packages click on Actions->Update All Packages and give your Admin Password when requested. TLU will take care of downloading and installing all the packages and updating all formats as necessary, etc. (Actually TLU runs tlmgr, which is part of TeX Live to do all that.)

Good Luck,

Herb Schulz
herbs2 at mac.com<mailto:herbs2 at mac.com>

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Thanks for this response.  I did the full update as you suggested (it took a few extra steps, like reinstalling the TeXLive Manager) but I seem to have updated all the packages.  My problems seem to be with the code in pstricks and pstricks-add, and  I am very hesitant to mess with these, since I don’t know what I am doing.  I looked in the package list for TeXLive (which I seem to have updated, following your instructions above) and both are listed (as “installed”).  Inequalities.tex line 35 is the beginning of the first pspicture in the book; here are the relevant lines from that file (I don’t think the problem is in my text but rather in the inside workings of pstricks):

\psset{xunit=1.5 cm}
\psline[linestyle=dotted, arrows=<->](-4.5,0)(4.5,0)
\rput(0,0){$0$} %\uput[u](0,0){$0$}
\rput(1,0){$1$} %\uput[u](1,0){$1$}
\rput(2,0){$2$} %\uput[u](2,0){$2$}
\rput(3,0){$3$} %\uput[u](3,0){$3$}
\rput(4,0){$4$} %\uput[u](4,0){$4$}
\rput(-1,0){$-1$} %\uput[u](1,0){$1$}
\rput(-2,0){$-2$} %\uput[u](2,0){$2$}
\rput(-3,0){$-3$} %\uput[u](3,0){$3$}
\rput(-4,0){$-4$} %\uput[u](4,0){$4$}
% \rput(4.5,0){$\cdots>$}
% \rput(-4.5,0){$<\cdots$}
\caption{$\boldsymbol{\Integers}$, The Integers}

In fact, I commented out these lines and ran Latex again.  On first try I still had only 13 pages of output but the second time I got to 34 pages.  A quick look at the console tells me that again, there are “undefined control sequence” and “illegal unit of measure” error messages, most if not all referring to lines in the pstricks (or pstricks-add) style files.  The original pspicture at line 35 of Inequalities.tex is still commented out, so it doesn’t appear in output.

Here are the (current) “master” file (Coeur.tex), the individual file Intervals.tex which it calls, the output file Coeur.pdf and the log file for this run, Coeur.log:

I left the pspicture in Inequalities.tex commented out, so the first pspicture call starts on line 150 of Intervals.tex; the related output is on p. 25 of 34 in Coeur.pdf (marked as p. 22  of the book), and it is clearly not what used to be output from this code.  (There is also some strange stuff in the upper left hand corner of page 1, the title page clearly generated by a glitch.)
The first error message in the log refers to p. 1228 of pstricks.tex:
/usr/local/texlive/2023/texmf-dist/tex/generic/pstricks/pstricks.tex:1228: Unde fined control sequence. \pssetxlength ...\@psunit \psxunit \ifpst at useCalc \edef \@@temp {\pscalculat... l.1228 ...ricks]{fsOrigin={0,0},fsAngle=137.50775} ?

this is followed by a long list of error messages referrring to this line of code.
The second long run of error messages refers to line 55 of pst-3d.tex, …and so on.  I haven’t gone through the whole log, but even the later error messages I found, which refer to lines of text in Intervals.tex (and other text input files) concern the the macros from various pstricks related packages.
Since in TeXLive the pstricks and pst-3d packages seem to have been updated, I am not sure how to proceed to try to fix these problems.

One writer suggested using Time Machine to revert to the earlier version of TeXLive.  Since the watermarking was supposed to be a minor change, I could live with doing that, though again I am not sure how to go about doing so.  I do have backup, and can go to Time Machine to find an earlier state of my computer (say, around 8:30 last night) but I am not sure how to proceed from there;  I’m like the driver who is pretty good at hitting the right buttons on the console (I’m certainly pretty good at creating complicated macros) but when it comes time to getting under the hood, I am not even sure how to jump-start the car :-)
So I’m grateful for the help so far, and I know that my data is not lost, but—to continue the driver analogy—I don’t know how to reach a garage or mechanic out here in the desert (the “Wild West”) and need to rely on passersby to get me going again.

Ziggy Nitecki

Zbigniew Nitecki
Department of Mathematics
Tufts University
Medford, MA 02155

Dept.    (617)627-3234
Dept. fax    (617)627-3966

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