[Textures] Textures forever!

Bruno Voisin bvoisin at me.com
Thu Aug 8 16:27:32 EDT 2013

Hi Silvia,

I've been trying to look more thoroughly into your problem. But I must say I'm confused.

First in <https://email.esm.psu.edu/pipermail/textures/2013-June/000124.html>, you seem to say that you installed the "unlocked" version of Textures announced at <https://email.esm.psu.edu/pipermail/textures/2013-June/000122.html>, and that it worked on your Mac Mini.

Then in <https://email.esm.psu.edu/pipermail/textures/2013-August/000133.html> and <https://email.esm.psu.edu/pipermail/textures/2013-August/000139.html>, you seem to say that you did the same on your Mac G5, and that it did not work, that you got a dialog asking for you to purchase an activation key.

I cannot see the logic in this. Are you speaking of the same version of Textures, the unlocked Textures220b19noretina.app, on both the Mac Mini and the G5?

If so, can you write or provide screenshots of the exact dialogs that appear? (With Cmd-Shift-4, then Space, then a Mouse Click, you get the screenshot of a window or dialog.)

I just did a quick try on my setup:

- Copy my current (activated) Textures, /Library/"Application Support"/Textures, ~/Library/"Application Support"/Textures and ~/Library/Preferences/com.bluesky.Textures.plist to a safe place.

- Delete ~/Library/Preferences/com.bluesky.Textures.plist.

- Launch the unlocked Textures.

Everything works perfectly, no key of any sort is asked for. And neither /Library/"Application Support"/Textures nor ~/Library/"Application Support"/Textures is erased, meaning the precautions mentioned in "to get modified Textures to work.txt"  don't seem to be necessary.

Does it not work for you?

The only explanation I can think of is that, given Textures is a universal binary containing code for both PowerPC and 32-bit Intel processors, only the Intel code has been unlocked. Which might explain why it would work for you on the Mini but not on the G5.

Other than that, I must admit I'm confused now about this unlocked Textures: other than my initial bewilderment at the included "Mail Attachment" files within the apps, I always took it for granted that they came as told from Gordon Lee.

But somebody off-list pointed out this may as well be one hacker such as evoked by some here, having reverse-engineered Textures so as to unlock it, then pausing as Gordon Lee to avoid any legal trouble. Which, on second thought, makes sense.

So, in the end, I'm wondering whether this unlocked Textures is or isn't legitimate.


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